Making Rose Beads – Step Two

Step Two is all about making the rose petal bead dough smooth

rosebead cooking before and after

Cooked rose petals before and after blending

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Making Rose Beads - Step Two
  • 1 batch of rose petals (8-10 flowers), cooked thoroughly (see step one)
  • A regular blender or a stick blender (immersion blender)
  • Distilled water
  • Parchment baking paper
  1. Take the cooked rose petals and put them in a blender (or use a stick blender) adding enough water for the mixture to get thoroughly blended, like a smoothie. It would be hard to blend it too much - but easy not to blend it enough.
  2. You can see in the picture the difference between the petals before they were blended and after.
  3. Make sure you're your final "glop" looks glossy and a bit like pudding, with no separate pieces of rose petal in it.
  4. Put it back in the skillet, and bring to just under a boil, stirring constantly. Simmer the mash until much of the water has evaporated off and the mixture is drier than applesauce. This is an art - you will need to try several times until you get the feeling. If your rose petal sauce is as wet as apple sauce, you will not be able to add much to the clay. It is better to have it dry, like a dry jam, or even like a clay.
  5. I like to put the dry mash on parchment paper and let it sit in my oven overnight. Since it is a gas oven, the pilot lights keep it ever so slightly warm, and the clay dries out. You can peel it off the parchment paper in the morning.

 If you are finished with step two, now you can go on to step three.