At you can learn how to make beads from roses and other flowers, and turn your flowers from important occasions into heirloom beads that you can keep forever.

rose beads - beads from rose petals

These roses can become a necklace forever!

Will your memories of your wedding just consist of photos on a mantle?

A bride and groom spend hours on planning a wedding, and spend a pile of money on things like a videographer.  The wedding day comes and goes, and soon it is mostly just photos in a book, or a DVD to watch if we think of it.  Soon even the books are put away, and the wedding becomes some pictures on a mantle.

Make the roses and flowers from your wedding ceremony into beautiful beads that will last.

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Good News!  

Finally, the Rose Bead book is out in Kindle form!  Click on the book to get your copy.

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Angies wedding bouquet necklace small

This is a necklace using the modern techniques I present in the Rose Bead Kindle book.  With the modern techniques, you can create a more finished product, and have beads that are other colors than black, which is what you get from the traditional technique.

More lovely necklaces to inspire you!

The rose beads here are made from three roses, five carnations, and some tiger lilies.

Mind you, the ones that look like roses are made of stone, as are the small red ones.  The rose beads are black and have a matte finish.


Modern method rose bead necklace with gold pearls.

Modern method rose bead necklace with gold pearls.

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